Easy Barbie Dress (4-23-2017)


This pattern is all my favorite Hobby Lobby ladies fault.

These dresses are made from the same easy pattern I’m sharing with you here.


I came up with this dress pattern because I was at Hobby Lobby and I was buying material to make a dress in the next blog entry.  One of the ladies waiting on me asked me what I was making. I answered I was making a Barbie dress. She said, “Oh Barbie! I had so much fun making Barbie clothes when I was a kid.” Then, she and the other lady started talking about how they tried gluing together dresses for their Barbies when they were young. It hit me then, that the Barbie dress I was going to use for the blog was probably too difficult for a beginner. So, I came up with this pattern.  It is as easy a dress as you could make and still call it sewing.

This dress must be made out of some kind of stretchy material.  This dress is very easy. You can let the material be all the decoration you need or decorate a more plain material. You can even use an old t-shirt if you get permission from a parent or guardian to use it.

First, download the pattern by going to the word pattern on the front page if this blog. Click on Easy Barbie Dress (4-23-207) and printing it.  Then, and cut it out the paper pattern. (Cut outside of the black lines.)

Next, pin the pattern to a single layer of fabric. DSCF3278

Then, cut out the dress.

Now, turn the top and the bottom of the dress down about ¼ of an inch and pin.


You have to sew the top and the bottom using a hem stitch so there is still a little stretch.


Left handed example of what is called a hem stitch. (Make the stitches about ¼ inch apart.)

DSCF3217 fliped

Right handed example of what is called a hem stitch. (Make the stitches about ¼ inch apart.)

If you’ve never done this stitch before, practice on a scrap piece of material until you get the hang of it.

Once you have turned and sewn the top and bottom, you can start thinking about how you want to decorate the dress.


Hum. Nice but not today.


OK, but not what I want today.


That doesn’t do it for me either.


There. That is nice and easy for a beginner.

You can use beads or whatever you want for the top. You can glue them on or sew them on. Barbie won’t care. The ribbon will just tie around the waist.


Once you have decorated your dress. Turn it the dress outside in and pin.

Next, use a running stitch to sew up the back of the dress.

If you don’t know what a running stitch is, here is an example.


(Make your stitches about ¼ inch apart.)

Finally, turn the dress right side out and slip it onto your doll. Tie a ribbon around her waist and your done.


There, that was pretty easy wasn’t it?

Here are two more example dresses.


With this dress, the material is all the decoration you need.


Or, you can go crazy with the trims.

Coming Attraction!

Here is the dress for the next blog.



  1. OMGoodness that is soooo cute and easy!!! I love all the ideas for “decorating” the dress! So easy to make it your own original design! Thank you for all that information and I’m looking forward to your next blog. Hobby Lobby is great 🙂


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