Ginny Doll Dress Gallery

These dolls are all dressed in dresses made from the pattern shown in 1950’s Ginny Doll Dress.

The doll in the middle of the picture called the “Featured Image” is an African-American Ginny doll clone.  If you collect Ginny dolls, you already know that an African-American Ginny doll goes for between $300.00 and $400.00. That is if you can find one for sale.  If you are lucky enough to have on, hang on to it because it is a treasure.

Enjoy the pictures.


This is a painted lash Ginny doll in her new dress.  Therefore, she was made no later than 1954.


This Ginny in her new dress has molded lashes. This mean she was made in 1955 or later.


The girls are going adventuring. I think they are going to meet up with their friends.


Yes, here come the friends.


Now two of the girls are inside playing with a kitty.


These two are playing with a puppy.


These girls are playing inside today. It must be raining.

DSCF7198 (3)

More playtime.


She must like kitties best.


She must like puppies best.


Bye! Thanks for coming to visit!


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