Doll and Craft Adventures is my attempt to share some fun with whoever wants to share the adventure. I am by no means an expert, but I have been sewing and crafting most of my life. (I’m 64.)  I’ve also made cloth dolls that I have sold over the years.

What started me on this journey was I was at an antique store and there was a box with 2 1950’s fashion dolls with shoes and a dozen outfits all for $25.00. I thought, “Wow these girls are pretty and in great shape for being around 60 years old. I bet kids and collectors would love making clothes for them and taking picture of them.”  While I walked away at the time, I thought about those dolls the whole weekend. When Monday rolled around, I had to go back to the antique store and buy them. Those dolls were the beginning of my adventures. Since then I have collected more dolls both modern and vintage and come up with some nice patterns I intend to give away. I eventually want to create a video channel that will have both dolls and crafts featured with step by step instructions.

Wish me luck!